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Kaelynn Vanno
2017-01-18 02:35:36

Love kohl's

I love shopping at kohl's (Grandforks,nd)I shop there often,they have these great "comfort stretch" pants that I love&wear out on date or for work,But today 1/17/2017,I felt I was being watch by one of the employees, she followed me when I went from the make-up dept to the jewelry dept.I almost ask her are yo uh watching me? That really made me angery.

Anne McCarthy
2022-01-21 00:12:10

Kohl' Necessary Update

RE: Kohl' It is with some degree of sadness, and a great deal of disappointment that I feel it necessary to update my original review. Now, let me first say that I have ordered A TON from Kohl's over the past year. I am talking HUNDREDS of orders. In the past two weeks - on two separate occasions - I have received damaged sweaters with NO TAGS WHATSOEVER. The first reeked of cheap perfume. The second had clearly been washed, which was evident in the fact that it is pilled and is two inches shorter than the four other identical sweaters I own. Very aggravating, as were all the multiple times clothing came to me with the plastic security sensor still attached. Each time, having to be taken to the store for removal. I've been shorted items, have received the incorrect item on more than one occasion as well. Have not received items on several occasions - which I understand is really an issue with the carrier (except that TWICE large orders "died" after a shipping label was created.) In addition, recently I noticed a glaring price discrepancy, and when I called to have it fixed, the rep said there was nothing she could really do about it - but that she agreed that it looked wrong - and that for that reason she could fix it on "three" of the twenty-two items I had in my cart - but could not fix it on all (WTH???!). She said there was just too many (again, WTH?!) The last straw is....TONIGHT. I've been on the phone for over an hour and twenty-seven minutes, having to plead for a resolution. I have a shipment that was "Out for Delivery" on January 15th. It's now the evening of the 20th. The tracking shows an "EXCEPTION" occurred at 10:10 AM on the 15th, due to an "an incorrect address or label". The USPS timeline has shown "ALERT" - IN BRIGHT RED - since the 15th. It is now FIVE DAYS LATER WITH NO MOVEMENT. The offshore rep insists that since it does not say 'Delivered', that must mean it's still in transit - and get this, she says "Why don't you call back on the 26th?" (SIX DAYS FROM NOW!!!) To this IDIOTIC and rage-inducing statement, I demanded a supervisor. I was then kept on hold for an additional 30 minutes. I had to hang up and call them back, STARTING OVER!!! I am still on hold.Dear Kohl's: It's been a bittersweet ride. I used to PRAISE the customer service received. I shop there all the time. Loved the Kohl's Cash, Rewards, and sales. I expect to run into problems periodically. It's never fun, but stuff happens. I also expect that when problems arise, they be dealt with LOGICALLY and without putting the customer through additional unnecessary upset. About NINETY-SIX or NINETY-SEVEN PERCENT of the time, my orders are fine. I especially like when they are shipped from a warehouse and thus without ever having been tried on or worn. Alas, right now I'm feeling that you do not appreciate the regular business I've given you over the years. Clearly you don't understand that the greatly increased hold times (presumably due to reduced staffing after the holidays), combined with attempts to delay resolution, are maddening. If your message is "We don't care", I HEAR YOU. And for this reason, once I've received any outstanding shipments, and have purchased enough Tek Gear sweatshirts to last me a lifetime, I will try giving some business to LL Bean and Nordstrom's (the only two department stores my husband will shop at, for exactly this reason). He insists that their Customer Service is so stellar that it should be a "no-brainer" to spend the extra money and get better service. I'm a sales-shopper though. LL Bean is not known for their sales, just as Nordstrom is not known for their deals. And I do really love most of the items I've purchased from Kohl's. ERGH. Please train Customer Service on how to better research and handle issues methodically, and with COMMON SENSE. While there are many excellent Kohl's CS reps, the ones that are NOT are REALLY, REALLY NOT.Updated to three stars. The three stars are for all that goes "right", Again, orders are predominantly without issue. It's just that when something DOES go wrong, far too often it's been anywhere from "very frustrating" to "downright infuriating" when seeking a resolution. Hard to reconcile.

Jackson Smith
2018-03-05 13:59:13

Kim in Customer Service at the Webster…

Kim in Customer Service at the Webster location was the best. Very helpful and knowledgeable. I've had some previous experiences with other employees that didn't seem to care as much as Kim did. Thank you Kim for turning a potential bad experience into a positive one !

2021-10-28 16:30:43

Beware of prices in store and online

Please be aware that if you purchase in store buy one get one half off and then look at it when you get home and it's a cheaper price online, they will not adjust or refund you that difference in price or cost. They will tell you to go back to the store return it and order it online. This just seems really inconvenient to customers who have purchased a lot of items from this store and online. Sometimes you need an item immediately and don't have time to wait for it to be shipped but I guess that's just the customer's problem. No consideration for people buying things and keeping the store in business I guess. Also had a really hard time getting through to customer service to begin with.

Pamela Wright
2022-03-28 14:48:17

I was shopping at Kohls on John R and…

I was shopping at Kohls on John R and 14 mile on Sunday March 27th. The cashier was so helpful, her name is Janice. She actually took the time to show me on my phone how to get a coupon that saved me money. It was very nice to have a pleasant person waiting on me. Thank you Janice.

2021-04-17 19:04:11

Rock on Kohls!

I haven't always had a perfect experience at Kohls but for the most part, customer service has handled any issue that I had with kindness and care. Sales persons in the store are usually helpful and friendly. I really like Kohls brand home goods such as the bedsheets, pillows, towels, etc. I hope that they continue to offer Sonoma Goods For Life and The Big One sheets and pillows. They are a good value. I know you canceled "My Pillow" because sales lagged, and everyone wants to make it out to be some big "cancel culture" issue. Regardless of the store's reasons for taking it off the shelves, I thank them for doing it. I have already seen the store putting more worthwhile products on the shelves that are from non-traitorous companies than the one owned by M. Lindell. My family, friends and I do not plan on "canceling" Kohls any time in the near future. Rock on Kohls! :)

Roger Cruise
2021-01-29 23:01:47

I am an actual customer

I am an actual customer, and was going to leave a 1 star review due to a real problem I had with Kohl's, but left a 5 star review because they stopped carrying MyPillow. These people who are complaining about cancel culture in the same message they are saying we will never do business with Kohl's (i.e.. we are cancelling Kohl's - it is fine when we use cancel culture because we are clear headed unlike the rest of you) and that not wishing to carry MyPillow is an infringement of Mike Lydell's free speech rights are showing just how moronic they are. Free speech does not mean you can say anything you want with out any consequences. If you yell fire in a movie theater,when there is no fire, and people get trampled to death, you are responsible for their injuries, your lie caused harm to people. Lying has consequences. Mike Lydell repeatedly lied about the election, helped fund people to lie about the election, and now a Capitol police officer is dead (the same people complaining about Mike Lydell's "right" to lie without consequence, are people who usually claim to be pro police, don't care that a police officer died as a result of his, and others lies.I bought a number of items from Kohl's including a set of drinking glasses. The shipped out the drinking glasses putting the box inside a larger box with no packing at all. I now have had to spend 15 minutes on the phone with a customer service person, who was very helpful, but I still had to spend the time, and now have to deal with a box of broken glass. I understand that people have to work from home during covid, and the person I dealt with was professional, helpful and easy to understand, but it was obvious from their accent and the rooster constantly crowing in the back ground (meaning that where ever they are they are located in a time zone approximately 12 hours out of EST, leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Many Americans are out of work, we are the ones shopping at Kohl's, spending their money with your company, and you are in turn using that money to create jobs outside of the US. I will not continue to shop at Kohls for those real reasons.

Stacy Beatty
2020-03-20 04:10:30

I just received the email regarding…

I just received the email regarding temporary closure and what you are doing for the associates during that time. I’ve been I long time shopper of kohl’s and love just about everything about kohl’s! Kohl’s is amazing and what you did for your employees shows just how amazing you really are.

Amy Melton
2022-02-06 00:24:51

It is SOOOO easy in this day and age to…

It is SOOOO easy in this day and age to complain, complain, and complain.Which, believe me, I totally understand. But when we customers have good experiences, it would be nice to see more positive reviews from them!Therefore, I want to focus on the EXCELLENT customer service my husband and I received from Shannon! She made she we got exactly what we were looking for and she loves her job! We wish we could see more professionalism from retail providers! Even if she could not get what we were looking for, we still would give the same review due to her service! Shannon- you are AWESOME!

2019-12-28 19:32:35

Excellent customer service

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