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2021-12-13 10:21:36

This review might change, but so far so good.

This review might change, as I am currently still awaiting part of my shipment.So far my experience with the kitchen aid website has been good. I ordered a few items in the sale, and most were shipped immediately and arrived quickly, well packaged and as described. I did call to enquire about my final item, which the friendly customer service employee informed me was now on back order (which is disappointing, seeing as I ordered through their website and it states there + as part of their customer service voicemail that inventory online is fully reflective of current stock availability). Still, I understand that sometimes things change quickly, and I was glad to be assured that my order will not be cancelled despite lack of stock (that was my main fear: that they'd eventually cancel my order, why which time it'd be out of stock everywhere else).The customer service hours are not very convenient (what kind of large appliance company doesn't have customer support on the weekend?) but when you do speak to someone they are very friendly, helpful, and you don't have to wait long on hold. I hope I will receive my final item soon. I'm in no particular rush (its a gift from me to me, so no deadline) but it has been a month now. So overall a fine but not stellar experience thus far.(Edit: I should add the website is horrible, lot's of endless loops of links that lead nowhere, but once you can find + actually put the items you want in the basket it works fine!)

Shakila Razack
2021-11-27 04:02:56

Our loyal friend in my kitchen has always been Kitchen Aid

When we built our home some 25 + years ago , we choose all Kitchen Aid Appliance . I did my due diligence & My kitchen Aid Appliances have certainly stood the test of time . We had only changed our old refrigerator to a brand new Kitchen Aid Stailless Steel 48” Refrigerator

2020-04-17 15:39:03

Cannot register warranty on their website.

Loses a star simply because the website is so awful. You are encouraged to register your warranty on the KitchenAid website with the lure of free goodies if you do. However, the warranty form - as noted by a previous reviewer - simply crashes out with an error at the end of the process. Bit of a waste of time and doesn't make a good impression. It appears this has been a problem for some time.

Tim Smith
2020-04-10 17:56:56

Customer service flaw

The mixer arrived in good condition except the height adjustment was way off. I researched solutions for this and found that there is an adjustment screw and there is a test you can do with a dime which allows you to adjust the bowl height if it needs to be adjusted a minimal amount however mine came from the factory so far out it could not be adjusted so I contacted customer service because I had read that they would walk you through the solutions to fix it and if it could not be fixed they would send you a new one and you would send the defective one back.Well, after speaking with Alex the customer service guy he instructed me to take a video of the dime test after each adjustment of the screw and attach it to an email he sent me. He was very courteous and I did just that. He also said call or use chat on their website to get back with customer service after sending and the agent would have access to the video and would view it and come up with a solution. I proceeded the next day to go into chat on their website and after finally connecting with an agent was told I would have to call to have the issue resolved.So Alex was wrong about that. I called customer service and explained my problem and was told there was no attached video so I immediately sent another email which they got. Then this barrage of questions started while she was viewing the video asking if I adjusted the screw and of course it was evident in the video that I had and she thought she saw the dime move at which time I told her it could have been a quarter and not moved so she put me on hold so someone else could take a look at the video and then came back and asked if I had tried other positions with the screw and I said I had tried several positions in the half turn that was all the screw would move and that I had had a mixer that was this same model for several years so I knew what I was talking about. She finally said they would send me a replacement and that I was to send the defective one back.This was clear cut from the beginning that I had a defective product but the agent had to insult my intelligence before admitting I had a defective mixer. I will most likely avoid Kitchenaid products in the future.User's recommendation:If you get a good one out of the box the first time great but if you have to contact customer service prepare to have your intelligence insulted.

2019-12-31 00:14:12

Had to wrestle it

I was so excited to get the beautiful kitchen aid mixer with glass bowl. When I was mixing dough it made the glass bowl lock itself to the base. I tried googling how to remove from the base and it wouldn’t budge. On YouTube a reviewer said to place it on the floor and straddle it and turn the bowl. Lol!!!! I actually tried this and every possible other maneuver and it wouldn’t come off the base. Then I put it on the counter and tried removing it again the normal way and it fell off the counter and the glass bowl had broken. Sadly, I had to order a stainless bowl and I will never ever buy a glass bowl to be used with a mixer. It doesn’t seem safe anyway. Long story short the kitchen aid does have a great motor and design aesthetic however the glass bowl shouldn’t be used. The quality is great otherwise!

Karen Hope
2019-11-01 06:08:02

Great customer service

Great customer service! Thank you so much. I rang on Wednesday and spoke to a lovely lady- unfortunately I did not write down her name. She was extremely. My cook processor that I love and use every day had a cracked seal. Today a courier arrived at my door - yes two days later, with not only the seal but the complete lid, seal and measuring cup. Thank you SO much. Great great customer service. You have made my day. Karen Hope - valued KA customer Xxx

Projecto Reviews
2019-08-11 01:07:45

KitchenAid microwaves are of impressive…

KitchenAid microwaves are of impressive quality without any doubts.Please check as well.

Happy Camper
2019-02-23 16:49:39

Crestwood Appliance St Louis Mo is awesome

Crestwood Appliance St Louis Mo is awesome. Called them to bring mixer in to put drip ring back on. I had tried to put on myself. Living hours away they told me their little known secret. It's just simply lightly sanding inside lip of the ring, tap on it with rubber mallet. Took me all of 1 minute. They are awesome. Hats off to this factory service center.

Evelyn Griffits
2018-10-28 12:37:34

A must for any kitchen

I have been wanting a KitchenAid since I was a kid. I Finally bought this beauty and it looks fantastic in my kitchen, not to mention it comes in handy when baking.

2018-07-13 15:08:42

I had an issue with my Kitchen Aid and…

I had an issue with my Kitchen Aid and they resolved it quickly and fairly. I really love the product.

Judith Donn
2018-03-19 16:58:48

UPDATE TO---Problems after 14 months of dishwasher life!

This was the cause for my one star review--read update, following, though. 14 months ago, we bought a KA dishwasher KDTE254ESS2. There are 2 of us so the dishwasher certainly isn't overworked. #1: The gasket around the soap dispenser lid/door came off. It is very easy to remove the soap dispenser lid, and would be simple to replace just the lid/door, were it available. That's #1 complaint--problems after 14 months of light use. #2--ripoff--Rather than selling me a new soap dispenser lid/door, KA requires that I buy a whole soap dispenser--much more expensive and probably requiring a service call. No rudeness was involved though.UPDATE--I texted KA about this problem and THEY CONTACTED ME! My dishwasher was out of warranty by about 2 months. They sent a repairman who assessed the problem and ordered the part. He then returned with the part and completed the repair--ALL FREE OF CHARGE EVEN THOUGH MY DISHWASHER WAS OUT OF WARRANTY!!! The repairman was very efficient, friendly, and really knew what he was doing! Thank you Kitchen Aid!

Jackie Mold
2017-08-15 11:22:59

Well I seem to be the odd one out here

Well I seem to be the odd one out here, I had my artisan mixer for 4 years and used it around once a week, The worm gear (turning) stopped working last week and from calling the service centre in Belguim to receiving the machine back it was 4 days!! I did have to drop it off at a pickup point, but I have lots near me so that was easy. It was delivered back to me at the agreed time and I was kept informed all the way through.

2017-05-30 18:41:50

Kitchenaid Repair

I purchased a Kitchenaid Artisan food mixer in 2015. Recently my wife dropped something in the mixer whilst in operation. I contacted Kitchenaid on line. They promptly arranged to collect the mixer and returned it 5 days later repaired and polished. Great service with no hassle.

Mrs & Mrs F Hawkes
2017-03-02 19:47:35

KitchenAid let down by poor service from DPD courier company

We bought an expensive KitchenAid kettle (Artisan range) via John Lewis.The kettle started to leak after about a year of ownership so we contacted John Lewis who agreed we could buy a replacement (up to £40 if I recall) whilst KitchenAid repaired or replaced ours.We packed the kettle extremely well and after being in touch with KitchenAid we waited for the DPD courier company to pick it up.This never happened as the company just left a blank card saying we hade been out when they called. In summary this was incorrect as we had stayed in all day waiting for them and towards the end of the day noticed their van driving away from the house. We called DPD right away and they advised they has "knocked on the door" but no one answered and the driver could not return (although by this time he was only about 7 minutes away). Apparently ringing the door bell is not their policy (This was advised to us after we called the local DPD depot to complain). After advising all details to Kitchenaid they advised DPD would return to pick up the kettle. Emails were sent to us stating day of pick up but no timeframe so we stayed in all day (again). DPD never arrived (we kept a close watch on the driveway and even placed a large handwritten sign on the door indicating where the doorbell was). KitchenAid were advised of this and sent us a replacement kettle.So good service from KitchenAid but let down seriously by this DPD courier company.

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