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Headspace First Responder Discounts January 2022

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Anna Roberts
2021-12-15 22:23:50

Free plan is good

At the start, I was using the app every day as I was interested in meditation. It was OK until I got bored of the free features since you'll need to repeat the same content unless upgrading your plan, which is acceptable for these kinds of services, so I subscribed for the monthly plan - however, canceled in a few months as I didn't see the value of continuing when I could find similar services online for free.

2021-10-19 08:53:22

Best app for daily stress-free life

Best app for daily stress-free life. I make sure to spend 30 mins daily on the app, listening to audio that calms me down nd reduces the anxiety.Teaches a lot of good breathing techniques to help manage stress and tension.Recommend this for meditation and good sleep.

2021-10-18 15:00:43

I really like headspace

I really like headspace. They have an excellent student discount and they’re constantly adding new programs and never charge more for the additions. I will continue with headspace even paying full price after I graduate.

Zsófi Bihari
2021-10-13 19:11:37

In love

Teaches me amazing techniques. I notice a lot of improvement in my daily life after using this app. I am not that reactive, and I can calm down from anxiety easier. I developed a very useful approach to my anxiety. I learned acceptance. Also the daily videos always help me to start the day. I love it so much, it has already taught me more than any psychologist i have gone to.

2021-10-08 17:09:35

Headspace helps me manage my anxiety

Headspace helps me manage my anxiety. I find the app easy to use and as its included with my spotify subscription I find it afforadable.

Cindy Morin
2021-10-01 14:32:23

I really feel better using this app…

I really feel better using this app daily

2021-07-29 17:56:24

App has lots of issues but the support team are good

I had a lot of problems getting my account and the app to work and I was really frustrated but the helpdesk team were able to help me and turn this one-star to a four star.While the customer service team is top notch (I was helped via email, so I can only speak about the mail team), it's annoying that a simple log-in could become such a drama and that's why I'm holding on to the fifth star. But in the end the problem was solved and the app does what it said it would.

2021-07-26 23:08:33

Source of Enlightenment

Wisdom is acquired by meditation, as to say this app really is the source of all mine bright ideas. Meditation is in itself an intellectual practice that allows one to truly introspect. A wide variety of features and expert guidance incorporated into this app; allowed me to make the best choice I've ever made.

Paula Keve
2021-05-27 09:46:52

Addicted to Headspace!

The amount of exercises is huge in the app and I have to say I use it in so many different ways. If I'm stuck on a project for work then I use the focus exercise, if I can't sleep I listen to a sleepcast (Beach one is my fav) and do the Winddown. And if I go on a run, I love Kim's motivation run. Really loving this app, kind of wow.

2021-05-27 09:00:53

My personal guide to mental wellness

Headspace plays a critical role in my journey building a mental health care routine -- feeling supported by the teaching and reassuring voices of Andy & the other teachers but also the variety of content I can go to when I need to explore or focus on a topic that matters for me (creativity, patience, relationships etc.). Not only does it now have a central place in my morning routine, right after my coffee, but I also go back to it several times a day, to explore new topics, watch a short video, put on a nice focus playlist when I need to work or listen to my favorite sleepcasts with my partner at night. I couldn't live without Headspace, so thank you to the team making it real everyday!

2021-05-16 06:13:14

only app ive consistenly used and…

only app ive consistenly used and always go back to, tried many others but the only one best fit for me.ive never had the $ others have,

Darren Forster
2020-12-31 07:16:09

Tried it for a few days, ok service.

Tried it for a few days, it was ok. Not too sure why there are so many people giving it negative reviews for being unable to cancel the free trial, maybe they just don't understand how subscriptions work on play store and have forgotten to cancel in time.It is one of those apps that if you don't cancel before the end of the free trial they will charge you, but that's absolutely normal (even Netflix will charge you of you don't cancel before the end of a free trial!!!). Cancellation maybe the one thing that could be confusing people here but it's not necessarily their fault, cancellation on Android works just like every other subscription service on Android and when you authorise the subscription it clearly states at the bottom of the payment page how to cancel - to cancel you go to the Google Play store and click subscriptions, then you click cancel subscription - once you click cancel there then Google will ask if you really want to cancel, say yes and it's cancelled - any Google play subscription can be cancelled simply in this way, and unless you click renew subscription and go through play store security (fingerprint ID/Google password) they can't reactivate it at their end. If you try to cancel within the app then yeah there is a risk that the play store subscription will still be active and play will just automatically pay it, that why when subscribing play store gives you specific instructions on how to cancel (plus if you look on the internet there is numerous instructions on how to cancel play store subscriptions and they all describe the same method!) It's like having a bank standing order in place and not bothering to cancel it at the bank end when you've cancelled your subscription to whatever it was and then complaining to the company that they took your money - no they didn't the bank did because the instruction to do so is still there, and this is the same with play store subscriptions, cancel them in the subscription list in play store not in the apps.

2020-12-29 13:13:00

i find that it's really not that…

i find that it's really not that useful. i got myself a real meditation teacher after my therapist advised me to do so and i gotta say, it's a different world.

Vil Newbold
2020-12-27 21:33:50

helps my anxiety so much

will admit it’s not worth it if you just want it for sleep sounds or the odd meditation etc but if you wanna regularly meditate or feel like you’ll use it often it’s so good i listen to the managing anxiety meditation daily and i’m feeling so much better, if you’ll use a lot it’s 100% worth it so calming, love it

Becca Huggins
2020-12-14 22:19:50

My most treasured app

This app has been incredible for helping me get to sleep! I use it almost every night, I just love the sleep section. Hands down this is my most treasured app. The app is great to help meditation too but recommend people new to meditation try and get in to the process a little themselves before buying. If meditation isn’t your thing it won’t feel like a good purchase.

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