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2018-02-02 20:52:58

Get some Headspace and change your life!

Such a brilliant app, continually being improved and updated. Headspace has given me a different perspective on how I think about life’s situations etc. After a year exploring the app, I have signed-up for a lifetime subscription.

2018-02-13 20:14:34

I just love Headspace

I just love Headspace! I'm recommending it to people all of the time. I feel like it has helped me to come to the next level in my meditation practice by giving me some great meditation techniques to use. Meditating helps to keep me grounded, which is good for me, and for the people around me.

2019-04-08 17:06:19

It's seams the same meditation for all

I thought it was great at first, but I've gone from happiness to creativity and it's the same meditation, £75 for the same meditation but slightly different words isn't too creative. Think of a light and exspand, I could of learnt that in one session. Thanks for your instant reply, in fareness I haven't given it enough time so I'll try a different meditation and see.

Jackie Bowes
2019-12-10 00:12:03

Headspace is a useful app

Headspace is a useful app that is a little pricy if you are not able to qualify for the student subscription. The app has several useful features that tap into CBT --based strategies. A number of the guided audio exercises are grounded in arousal reduction strategies that have a linty of literature supporting their efficacy in reducing anxiety, arousal, and ruminative tendencies. One of the most prominent arousal reduction strategies that are used as skills to help clients early on in therapy was featured in the app and are easy to use. A number of breathing exercises are available at varying lengths, asking the listener to breathe in, breathe out and hold their breath for a count of time. These instructions and the calming voice reminding you to "focus on the breath" help signal "safety signals" to your otherwise tense state. I found these audio guides especially useful when lying in bed and experiencing racing thoughts or a racing heart beat. Listening to the guided exercise for 3 minutes or more was usually helpful for me to slow down my breathing and associate my bedtime routine with one of relaxation. Doing this consistently over the nights really helped build my sleep hygiene. Another more acceptance-based strategy that is more in line with ACT models of therapy is also used by Headspace. A nightly exercise they call "Noting" is another guided-audio experience where the listener is instructed to count to ten and focus on the breath. At the same time the listener is instructed to "allow thoughts to come and go" and to "gently acknowledge them" and then return to the breath. This app encourages mindfulness and acceptance strategies such that the goal of this particular exercise is not to stop intrusive thoughts or change them, but to briefly acknowledge their presence and move on. The "Noting" exercise was especially useful for nights where I felt especially ruminative and like I could not stop thinking about a particular worry.

2019-02-22 07:56:19

I'm incredibly disappointed with My…

I'm incredibly disappointed with My headspace app at the moment. I suffer with anxiety and the problem I'm experiencing at the moment with each session just stopping mid flow for no reason is driving me mad. Could you PLEASE put this right ASAP. Kind regards Charlotte

2017-12-28 19:15:04

Andy and his team do a fantastic job

Andy and his team do fantastic job. It really is comprehensive training of the mind. Building a continuous habit with the app has lead to an increase in my memory, empathy, peacefulness in troubling scenarios, and general perspective in life. I recommend this to anyone that wants a better life.

Hannah Diane
2019-08-08 21:06:59

Expensive subscription = hardly any meditations unlocked

I paid to subscribe to Headspace in the hopes of unlocking all the mediations for sleep etc I pay a years subscription only to find only a few of the videos get unlocked and not all of them. They then ask me to pay the same money again to go premium.... That's a bit unfair isn't it? Considering I didn't know I wouldn't be getting all the videos in the first place... Very unhappy with this.

2021-10-08 17:09:35

Headspace helps me manage my anxiety

Headspace helps me manage my anxiety. I find the app easy to use and as its included with my spotify subscription I find it afforadable.

2021-04-25 17:23:21

I love headspace!

I love headspace. It really helps and I think as long as you are consistent and don't expect results straight away, it can be really beneficial.

Robert Davidson
2019-06-01 07:38:57

A great boon

Quite simply, I've not been able to meditate before and now I feel able to practice. It has very noticeable effects on my life - I feel calmer, more connected with others, less worried by ups and downs, and more loving. Highly recommended.

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