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Chirayu Pawar
2020-01-29 18:19:33

Best phones if you have low budget and…

Best phones if you have low budget and want good specsI am currently using Moto G7 Power. In my family I have Moto E2 2nd Gen,Moto E3 and my favourite- Moto G6. They fit in my budget which was not very high. Also, the camera on the G6 is awesome. Also, the phones are quite tough and have proved it many a times. The G6 fell in water for about 3 secs but was still up and running after a little service. Once I've bought a Motorola smartphone, I don't think that I'll go for some other brand anytime soon.I don't know about the service centres, but if you can do anything about them, please make them more customer friendly. This comes from someone who has actually one Motorola phones when they used to be smaller,thicker and old school.

Melania Johnson
2019-12-14 12:38:20

wonderfull company

wonderfull company. they always make a good phone for all phone are motorola brand

Rodrigo C. Jesus
2019-11-04 19:21:41

Motorola is a great choice.

Motorola is a very good brand, I recently had a problem with my g6 play moto, the headset, and they quickly resolved, and they even sent me a letter of apology. I was really very happy.

Jameer Lee
2019-07-24 18:29:27

Long time ago I have owned some phone…

Long time ago I have owned some phone from them I already forgot what it was, it was so so long time ago I do not even remember anyway. Why people leave so negative feedback I am not sure, phone was totally fine anyway and cheap at all for all that matters.

Carolyn Arnold
2019-01-15 22:04:32

Not here to complain

Not here to complain, got a g5 plus by the end of 2016 and is a great smartphone. Before, I bought Iphones and Samsung smartphones and this device is as good as those made in other companies

Gabriele Rigo
2018-10-23 13:44:28

Hello Motorola i waiting for the new…

Hello Motorola i waiting for the new launch of flip mobile. i am happy with your service. My current moto turbo works fantastically fine. I love the battery power. it last longer than any mobiles in the market.

Vera Gray
2018-09-13 03:51:06

Have a Motorola Z2 Play

Have a Motorola Z2 Play. After ENDLESS PROBLEMS with Samsung Galaxy S3 (EIGHT trips back to the store with it) had to PAY to get out of the contract for THEIR DEFECTIVE PHONE. THEN, was recommended an LG G5, by the staff at Virgin Mobile. Had to return it THREE times for defects. And LG's policy states that their phones need to be sent for "repair"

2018-07-26 16:08:59

Great Customer Service, Can't Fault Them.

I have a Moto G5 plus, and my Turbo Charger stopped working, I phoned the Motorola service department and spoke to someone called Eugene, told him what the problem was and he asked me to hold on the phone for a couple of minutes, he came back to me and said he had a replacement there and would send it out the following day as it was about 5:30pm. I thought great. Two days later there was a knock at my door and there was a courier with my brand new Turbo Charger. Eugene was very professional and courteous at all times, one of the best customer service experiences in a long time. I know there are a lot of one star reviews on this site for Motorola, but I had a very positive one!

2018-01-30 15:42:47

Motorola G4 Plus RUBBISH!

I have had to rate Motorola a 1 star as a rating of zero stars is not available, this Moto G4 phone is my first Motorola product and without a doubt, my last!!! The phone is crap (Google it and see how many people have the common problems) and the customer service is a lot worse! Impossible to get any information from them and they have no interest in fixing a faulty product, a truly horrible experience. Do yourself a favour and buy something else!Uprated Motorola to 3 stars as they have agreed to give me a new phone, took a long time!! Their repair centre remains as a 1 star though as they have been completely useless, had my phone 3 times and each time returned it to me with a letter that said "As requested, we are returning your phone to you unrepaired" even though I sent it to them for repair and on the third occasion actually wrapped the phone in a letter asking them to change the phone as agreed with customer services!!!!!My thanks to Panos for finally sorting this out.

Jennifer Lewallen
2017-10-06 13:38:52

Excellent customer service.

I had an issue with my phone, and they handled and replaced it super fast. They were so nice and professional. I, honestly, love this company. I can't say enough good things about them. Great job!

Stephen Bowen
2017-08-11 00:14:55

The Motorola Lenovo Moto g4 is an …

The Motorola Lenovo Moto g4 is an absolute gem of a phone for the price.

Amy G.
2017-05-16 18:06:56

My phone broke and everything was fine!

I want to preface this review by saying that I've read reviews of Motorola's customer service, but I fell in love with their product this winter. When I had a problem (completely out of the blue thing I couldn't make happen twice if I wanted to), I was honestly terrified.As detailed in other reviews, Motorola offers two options: send your device in, or pay a fee (24.99+tax) to get a "courtesy replacement" sent. Dreading the thought of never seeing my phone again, I went for the premium service. Besides, $25 bucks to be reunited with a phone ain't bad. They promised to ship in 4 business days; they did. They promised it would be MY customized phone; it was. It did and does work just fine - no errors, no glitches, no scratches, nothing suspicious. One warning: it's ONLY the phone. They expect you to still have the tiny SIM slot (if you need it) and the cables. I had 5 business days to send the broken phone; I did that with no problem. The label and envelope came with the replacement phone, and I stuck the broken phone in the replacement phone box so it wouldn't be damaged in transit. I had a couple hiccups. The first time I tried to process the repair, the page timed out. I think that's how I ended up getting three holds placed on my account. I called customer service (on a Saturday even), and even though it took about 30-40 minutes, they assured me it was a mistake and it would be fixed in 3-5 business days. It was. The Motorola support team on twitter even checked into it for me (because of course I panicked) and assured me all was well. Motorola received my broken device five days ago. My repair ticket appears to be closed, nobody has contacted me about any problems, and I didn't pay any more than the $25+tax I agreed to pay for this whole exchange. I think... I THINK everything went exactly the way it was supposed to go, which kind of floors me. I wanted to give Motorola some public cred for not making my nightmares come true - other companies certainly have. I hope this means they're taking improvement seriously.

Billy Skinner
2017-04-17 03:59:51

I just bought the Moto G4 the charger …

I just bought the Moto G4 play the charger is defective and the reception is awful I just hope I don't get the same phone that I will be shipping to them the white charger does not give the phone a full power charge and I'm feeling this will end up being a fiasco at least they went out of their way to send me a charger and I can't believe my imei isn't recognized on the website

2017-02-07 22:00:51

slow delivery

3 weeks for delivery is ridiculous for a huge company

Erfan Kidia
2016-03-10 10:45:24


This has to be the quickest, easiest and least stressful customer services i have ever called in my life (im 30). Comparing them to other customer services i.e. Vodafone, EE, Orange and LG who are the WORST i have ever come across. Motorola, on the other hand, is superb. Very short wait, resolved and exceeded my expectations when calling and for once i left from the conversation happy. Not drained and angry as with the above terrible companies. This review specifically applies to the Motorola customer services that deal with baby monitors!

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