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2021-10-21 07:27:53

I used this products a few years ago…

I used this products a few years ago and it work wonders on my hormonal acne it clear my face in less then a month I stopped using the products because of the price but I’m planning to purchase the products again it work for me I have sensitive skin everything else burns and leaves my face red but not this products I totally recommend

Tara-Lyn Ledbetter
2021-09-11 17:32:23

“You’re not wearing any foundation?!”…

“You’re not wearing any foundation?!” Are the words I hear frequently. The use of the acne line products has absolutely changed my skin and is life changing. I am allergic to so many ingredients in other products and I CAN actually use this line!!! This is huge for me to find a line that doesn’t have chemicals or crap in it. It’s ORGANIC and it’s safe! I have suffered hormonal breakouts for the last few years on and off, which is very frustrating for a woman in her 30’s. I’ve used so many products spending hundreds of dollars with no results. Use of these products over several months has allowed me to regularly go makeup free, which I have always preferred. I did have a bit of an adjustment period and broke out a bit throughout the first month of use, but I already had acne so I wasn’t losing anything. I'm glad I stayed the course because my skin looks and feels amazing after 5 months of consistent use. Keep with it! Make sure you or an esthetician are extracting your pimples, blackheads or whiteheads during the breakout period if you have one, it helps. Steaming, facials, and infrared sauna helped me a lot in releasing the impurities faster the first month. This product is

2021-08-29 15:01:05

Great Product, Expensive, Product Container Issues

The combined use of these products longterm has absolutely changed my skin for the better. I'm a woman in my mid-30s who has suffered hormonal breakouts for most of my life. Sustained use of these products over several months has allowed me to regularly go makeup free for the first time since I was 13 years old. I did have a bit of an adjustment period and broke out consistently throughout the first month of use, but I'm glad I stayed the course because honestly my skin looks and feels PHENOMENAL four months in.Dinging the company a star on the rating because they need to address the cheapness and questionable functionality of the spray/dispensing nozzles on their products for the hefty price. (I KNOW they've received lots of feedback on this already -- they just don't seem to be in a hurry to address it!) This stuff works but it definitely isn't cheap! I'd say about half the time, there's something wrong with the dispensing/spray nozzle on any given product that has one. I've gone so far as to replace them with nozzles from Dollar Tree products -- which are somehow more robust and functional! Not a good look for a system that puts me out $150+ per month!

Audrey Patrie
2021-07-16 18:58:52

It’s completely life changing

Let’s start 13 years ago…I had my first child and after my skin went crazy from the hormones. It would clear during each pregnancy but after I had each child, my skin would break out again. I’m talking deep painful cystic acne plus blackheads and whiteheads. It was awful. Fast forward to a couple of months ago, my sister in law recommends this brand I’ve never heard of and says it kept her from breaking out during her cycle. I jump on it!! I’ve been consistently using this for months now and haven’t had any cystic acne and only 1 or 2 bumps during my cycle. I haven’t had skin this clear since before having my children and I’m so thankful that their ingredients are natural on top of everything. Their customer service is great and I will continue using their products forever.

2021-07-08 06:53:53

I love this product BUT

I love this product. I have dry skin and I get severe breakouts on my neck. My skin is clear and hydrated and I've gotten several compliments since I began using this about 2 months ago. I've also drastically reduced the amount of foundation that I wear everyday. As I said, I like it - the feel and the scent as well. I will continue using it. However, I don't use it in the same regiment that is recommended and therefore, my kit lasts significantly longer. At night, I use a face wash to remove my makeup and then I start the process as recommended. In the morning, I wash my face with warm water only and use the morning moisturizer. Might sound strange, but it works for me. I have dry skin and I don't feel the need to do the entire process in the morning and many moons ago, my dermatologist and I decided that I would only wash my face in the morning with warm water and it's worked. I also use less then is recommended on pretty much everything. I use 5 sprays and 3 circles of the oil cleanser, 1 pump of the elixir and call it a day. I do not like the pump on the clear skin elixir, it could come out more easily and it took me some time to learn how to use the pump without spraying it all over my shirt, so that needs some work. I know that some people don't like the scent of the elixir but I think it's nice and calming. What I dislike most is that the actual averraglow website would not let me leave a review. That's shady. So, I've come here and left a 3 star review for that reason only.

2021-06-30 22:27:27

I started using Averr Aglow in the…

I started using Averr Aglow in the beginning of June 2021 and today is the last day of June. My skin has never been better! I had really bad hormonal breakouts and I work in a kitchen so my skin has gotten worse because of it. But seeing such great results within a month is mind blowing!

2021-06-23 07:45:59

I have had acne since I was 11 years…

I have had acne since I was 11 years old and have been to Dermatologists about five of them over my lifetime. I am 55 years old now and about a year ago my current Dermatologist put me on Accutane which helped a lot with the oil and breakouts of Cystic acne. Before this I tried many topical and oral antibiotics, Retin A, benzoyl peroxide, etc. My parents prayed for my skin for me because it really bothered me and I found out through a dietician that I have food sensitivities and if I avoid those foods it definitely helps. It changes, so I get tested every six months. This all helped but I was still having pesky breakouts, less cystic, but it was still aggravating. It wasn’t until I saw an ad for Averr Aglow while playing Rummikub and saw people raving about the elixir #3 and tried it myself that the acne disappeared and does not come back with continued use. It is a miracle product for me! I would recommend that you try it to. I do not want to be without this little pink bottle of mask!!! I ordered two the last shipment. The post office put a big label on the outside of the package stating that they are sorry that the package got damaged. I opened the box and no product was inside! I contacted the company and showed them the Pics. They kindly are sending the product again. Thanks Averr Aglow! You people rock!

Calista Berger
2021-06-09 01:32:45

I love these products

I love these products. I had cystic acne and it cleared it up. A little purging happened (not much) for a week maybe, and then I didn’t have any cystic for 4months until my cycle(birth control) but that little spot was gone quickly. It takes getting used to but it’s way better for my skin then the harsh chemicals

Ray Sgambati
2021-05-28 16:16:29

Don’t wait.

Where do I even begin.. Averr Aglow is truly the real deal when it comes to helping those that have battled skin issues like acne, redness, dryness and more. I have used so many products over endless amount of years and most didn’t work or made my skin issues worse. Some things worked just okay but never wowed me. From the second I started using Averr Aglow I felt included in a community of people who are spreading positivity and support for those that struggle with these issues. The products sell themselves and they work.. they truly do. My skin has never been healthier looking and feeling... I truly am glowing! If you have any type of hesitation, please believe me and try it for yourself. Yes, skincare looks different for each person and something may take longer to see results for some, and for me I saw results after only 3 days but truly after 1-1.5 months. My favorite part is that if I do have a breakout that the Averr Aglow products help heal those concerns that pop up. Averr Aglow has been allowing me to rebuild my crumbled self confident that my acne stripped away from me 15 years ago and I could not be more grateful for finding their brand.

Laura Yates
2021-05-26 21:18:19

Happy I took the chance and tried them

I've had hormonal acne for over 20 years. Accutane helped for a few years, but eventually it came back. I've taken spironolactone and that helped as well, but with having children you have to go off of it so my acne has always come back. This is the first skincare line that has left my skin feeling nourished and not dry and over chemically treated. It is expensive, but so is R+H, didn't work for me, but does for others, so is Airbonne didn't work for me, but it does others. Mary Kay, Neutrogena the list goes on and on. I've been very happy with their customer service and opportunities to get the products on a deal or in exchange for giving them honest feedback one on one. Overall they are a legitimate company and overall I'm very happy with my skin and the products I have used.

Amanda Shaffer
2021-05-26 20:39:23

I really love these products

I really love these products. I use the clarification hydration dew, radiant cleanser, and the perfectionist serum every day. When my skin is extra dry I use the nourishment cream it was a big help this winter. I tend to have dry extra sensitive skin. I recently added in the complexion toner and am really liking it.

Devinne Gosselin
2021-05-26 10:45:09

I felt like I had tried everything

I felt like I had tried everything for my skin and nothing seemed to work for long then about a year and a half ago I took a risk and tried Averr Aglow! Now a year and half later my skin has never looked this good and I have never felt nor comfortable in my own skin. I have added in the rest of the products from their luminous skin kit and could not be happier with this company the products and the customer service, that is always there to help!

Sam Bodine
2020-08-12 04:14:14

Best gift i have ever given!

I got some for my wife, and she loves it! She said her skin feels healthier and looks it too! She is glowing! Thank you so much averr aglow! I would have paid double for it if i knew how happy it was gonna make my wife and how happy she is with the results! To all the men out there....get some for your significant other and thank averr aglow later!

Staci Cousineau
2020-07-06 20:26:07

This seems to do wonders

This seems to do wonders, but I need to try it out for longer. My skin seems to like all of the products. I just wish that it wasn't so expensive!

Chloe Riederich
2020-07-02 02:51:37

Clear Skin Kit

I absolutely love these products. The first day using them, I noticed that my complexion looked much brighter and my family noticed. I have been using for 3 months and my skin has mostly cleared up! I plan to continue my use of them!

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