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2021-09-24 10:08:30

I’ve made multiple orders on…

I’ve made multiple orders on NootropicsDepot and I’m very happy with the quality of their products, their service and cheap delivery (DHL Express is 20$ cheaper than I’m used to when I order from the states).

Gary R.
2021-09-19 10:39:12

Nootropics Depot is the best vendor…

Nootropics Depot is the best vendor I've ever dealt with.Everything is on an another level. While, any products efficiency will depend on one's metabolism and most especially the quality of the products it-selves and for this latter Nootropics Depot provides the absolute best and most especially at a very competitive price.The diversity of the products is very very wide. From classical nootropics, natural extracts to mushroom extracts. I wish I could try all of them!I ordered within the USA, to France and Reunion and the delivery processes were always extremely fast.On the top of all of these, they just are the loveliest customer care ever! They will give you all their best to help you in a amazingly fast and caring way!Lately, I've got my parcel stolen by the customs and there were absolutely no way for me to have any compensation neither from the transporter nor the customs...But Nootropics Depot who were totally innocent from this have made it: They offered to me a compensation for the stolen products!!!I've never experienced such an amazing experience as a customer, Nootropics Depot didn't stole their fame! I would recommend them to anyone, you definitely can go with them your eyes shut!A BIG THANKS to the Nootropics Depot's team! You are the BEST!

Ultra McKay
2021-09-07 17:09:19

ND for NAD (and everything else)

I love nootropics depot! this is not a paid review. everything I've ever ordered from them was a great price and always arrived. I think they are able to sell products so cheap because they don't waste money on fishy packaging. I recently purchased NMN tablets not knowing much about them. after taking them for a few days and researching them for just as many, I was surprised to find several doctors recommending nootropics depot on their list of the best brands. it usually falls under the category of best value for the money. NMN is very delicate and really broken down in the gut. so most companies charge Boku bucks for liposomal NMN but nootropics depot used their genius minded to put an enteric coating on the tablets to bypass the stomach acid and break down further in the intestines! genius I tell you! they are always coming up with smart idea like this in their quest to cut costs! most companies cut corners (make a cheap product) when trying to lower the prices but ND actually comes up with a better product to make the price cheaper. I'll order from for most future purchases.. and for all future purchases of Nicotinamide Mononucleotide! I didn't get paid for this review but it sure would be sweet if I got a free product! I'm on disability because of cervical kyphosis, and don't make much money. I take a lot of supplements to try to offset all of the stress that this causes my body. get in touch with me on Twitter @sp0r412 if you want ;D

Adam Barrett
2021-07-08 19:01:04

Great company

Great company. I have placed three separate orders, they always show up on time, and it has always been the correct product. Plus the quality has always met, or exceeded, expectations. What more can you ask for.

Morten Roar Berg
2021-06-18 12:46:00

Better than I expected.

Ordered from Denmark. Good service, fast shipping, good products. Better than I expected.

2021-05-07 04:47:17

Bit of a simple review here

Bit of a simple review here, but hey - I guess the good reviews usually are. Ordered multiple products for the first time through ND. They arrived on time. I've observed that the quality is evidently high based on the powdered products I purchased. Will be using again.

2021-04-20 12:21:10

Multiple orders arrived with no…

Multiple orders arrived with no problem. Absolutely the best quality and prices. Customer support is on another level and is trying everything they can to help and fast response times. Ordering to germany is absolutely no problem and fast in comparison. Big fan!

James Dixon
2021-04-14 22:29:23

Security Issues

Products seem good so far and delivery times to the UK were reasonable. However, as a few others have stated, fraudulent transactions have appeared on my credit card shortly after using this site. It's worth noting that it was actually a new credit card that I used for the first time for this transaction. Not suggesting the company themselves are to blame, but there may be some kind of security issues. Keep an eye on your bank statements if you decide to make a purchase.

Lea Guyot
2021-03-30 23:18:48

Very happy new customer

So far I am very happy with this company. I have ordered from them twice so far and have received my items in 3 days both times! I used to order Adrafinil from a different company that no longer has that particular product and was worried about trying it from another source. Nootropics Depot has so far delivered a quality product to me twice. I hope they will be able to continue to make this product! I also just received my order of Alpha-GPC. This will be my first time trying it, it has great reviews so I'm very excited.

2021-03-14 12:53:16

I have just received my package

This is a new review. I have just received my package. Yes, guys, this company is legit 100%. I haven't taken any Racetams; therefore, I don't know how effective these smart drugs are. It took around 3 weeks to deliver these synthetic nootropics to my home. I will let you know about the positive effects and side effects these smart drugs will have on me.

Michael Myers
2021-03-01 11:50:48

Ordered some phenylpiracetam into the…

Ordered some phenylpiracetam into the UK, fast shipping no problems at customs which was lucky.

Arthur J
2021-02-26 10:03:01

Have been using ND for years

Have been using ND for years. The owner is super active on all kinds of social platforms and often gives in-depth info about how products came to market and how they (ND) has grown over the years.Their stuff is really something special, if anything is not 100% in purity or contamination it's rejected. When you buy, you know you get something good and properly evaluated. Competitors just aren't as strict.I've been a long-term customer and don't really understand the few very negative reviews here. I guess because there's no incentive, reward or coupon for giving 5 stars...?"my review wasn't posted mentioning specific health claims or competitor sites?" Rather understandable. "slow shipping due to snow storms?" How is that the company's fault?Anyway I've never had a single problem here and love the company. Highly recommend

2021-02-12 13:55:28

Very complete range of products at the…

Very complete range of products at the lowest prices compared to quality you can found. For sure !

Tambourine Man
2021-02-04 05:36:41

EXCELLENT Customer Service

I've ordered from ND 3 times now and the first two orders came very quickly. My last order was lost in transit by Fedex and I was quite stressed about the whole situation. It was NOT ND's fault, in fact the processing time was insanely fast but Fedex dropped the ball.I reached out to customer service who reached out to their representative at Fedex for me and when they confirmed that my package couldn't be located they shipped my order to me again, free of charge and were very polite throughout the whole process. Excellent service and products and even better customer service! Thank you for completely turning around a stressful situation.

2021-01-27 12:13:53

Very good products

Very good products, although they seem a bit weaker than their competitors. Still very good, and have decent shipping time.

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